1. How is IMC different from traditional advertising?

2. What role does personalized selling have in IMC?

3. What are the benefits of having a two-way dialogue between buyer and seller?

4. How has IMC affected buyer/seller relationships, brand image, brand loyalty, and brand awareness?

5. Why is IMC also known as relationship marketing?

6. An ineffective IMC campaign is caused by what internal and external factors?

7. What is the best “type” of message to reach today’s consumer?

8. What are the visual and verbal ways to tie an IMC campaign together?

9. What is a promotional mix, and why is it important?

10. What is the role of the media mix in an IMC campaign?

11. What is the major role of each facet of the promotional mix as discussed in the chapter?

12. What is a creative strategy statement? What are the main areas that make up a creative strategy? Define and explain each section.