1. Define magazine advertising.

2. Why should prices be avoided in magazine advertising?

3. There are several categories of magazines. Define each.

4. How does magazine advertising help IMC be more consumer focused? Define importance.

5. Why are magazines considered highly targetable?

6. How does magazine advertising build brand loyalty?

7. Why is it difficult for advertising to develop a dialogue with the target audience?

8. What brands are best suited to use magazine advertising and why?

9. When should brands consider using magazine advertising?

10. What are some of the ways to make magazine ads interactive?

11. When is using magazine advertising a bad choice?

12. What are the pros and cons of using magazine advertising in an IMC campaign?

13. What is the strategy behind using magazine advertising?

14. What should be avoided and what should be included in magazine advertising?

15. What are some of the ways to turn a one-way monologue with the target into a two-way dialogue?

16. What components should be included and avoided in magazine advertising?

17. What copy and design elements should be included in magazine advertising? Explain how to involve the target.

18. How is cooperative advertising used in magazines?