1. What are the strategic uses of radio advertising in an IMC campaign?

2. Why is radio considered handicapped when compared to other media vehicles within the promotional mix?

3. Explain the diversity of radio advertising’s voice.

4. How can radio be personalized?

5. To strengthen radio’s verbal ties to other ads in the media mix, what elements need to be repeated?

6. Radio is considered a passive medium. How can it be made more interactive?

7. How does radio advertising help IMC be more consumer focused?

8. What are the pros and cons associated with radio advertising?

9. What is the strategy behind using radio in an IMC campaign?

10. What are the execution techniques used in radio advertising? Explain each.

11. To be successful, what must radio advertising accomplish?

12. What are the ways radio can be delivered?

13. What are sound effects?

14. What are the components that make up a radio script?

15. How can a brand come alive over the radio?

16. Why does radio copy need to be both visually and verbally expressed?