1. What are the strategic uses of television advertising in an IMC campaign?

2. What is the use of television advertising ideally suited for?

3. There are three things that will help steer the target audience away from Internet viewing and back to traditional television viewing. What are they?

4. What is the difference between traditional advertising and interactive advertising?

5. Define an infomercial and explain the differences between an infomercial and a traditional television advertisement.

6. How does television advertising help IMC be more consumer focused?

7. What needs to be considered when deciding to use television advertising in an IMC campaign to ensure a cohesive visual and verbal message?

8. How can television be successfully integrated into the media mix?

9. What are the pros and cons of using television in an IMC campaign?

10. What is the strategy behind using television in an IMC campaign?

11. How do scripts and storyboards work together to produce a television ad?

12. What are the tones used in television advertising? Define each.

13. Explain the different types of speakers and sounds used in television commercials?

14. There are six steps that must be considered when developing a script. What are they and how are they used?

15. What types of brands can best employ television advertising?