1. What are the strategic uses of out-of- home and transit advertising in an IMC campaign?

2. Why is out-of-home considered a mass medium?

3. Why is out-of-home growing?

4. Explain why out-of-home does not need to compete for audience attention.

5. Define the role of out-of-home vehicles?

6. Define support media. As a support medium, when does out-of-home work best?

7. What is the most effective way for out-of-home to both show and tell the advertised message? How can this be done most effectively?

8. Why is it particularly important for many out-of-home vehicles to be memorable?

9. How do LED boards work? How do they compare/contrast visually and verbally with traditional outdoor boards?

10. What are some of the most common transit vehicles?

11. How does out-of-home advertising help an IMC campaign be more consumer focused?

12. What are the pros and cons associated with out-of-home advertising?

13. What is the strategy behind using out-of-home in an IMC campaign?

14. Out-of-home is used primarily as a support medium; it has an abundance of visual and verbal options. How can a medium that says little be seamlessly tied to other media options?

15. What are ways to make out-of-home vehicles both interactive and engaging?