1. What are the strategic uses of direct marketing in an IMC campaign?

2. Define and explain the difference between advertising and promotion.

3. Why is direct marketing considered a medium that encourages a two-way dialogue between the brand and the target?

4. Why is a more personalized dialogue considered more important in today’s advertising methods than a one-way monologue?

5. How are direct marketing methods different from traditional advertising methods?

6. Why are direct marketing methods more expensive than traditional methods but still considered a viable media choice?

7. When used in an IMC campaign, direct marketing’s goal may not be to make a sale. So what role(s) might it play?

8. How are databases used in direct marketing? What is their importance?

9. Databases track varied forms of consumer data. How is this considered a privacy issue?

10. Direct marketing has a very diverse array of contact vehicles. What are some of the most commonly used, and how can they each help to visually and verbally express the key consumer benefit?

11. Why is direct mail often referred to as “junk mail,” and how can that perception be turned around?

12. What are the differences/similarities between infomercials and traditional advertising?

13. Why is the Internet and social media an important aspect of direct marketing?

14. How does direct marketing help an IMC campaign be more consumer focused?

15. What is the role of the visual and verbal message throughout the varied media vehicles in an IMC campaign?

16. What are the pros and cons associated with direct marketing?

17. What is the strategy behind using direct marketing in an IMC campaign?