1. What are the strategic uses of mobile media marketing in an IMC campaign?

2. How has mobile grown from a one-way communication between the brand and target to one that is both interactive and engaging?

3. How do consumers use mobile?

4. What does mobile add to the promotional mix?

5. When should brands employ mobile advertising?

6. Mobile has a diverse array of advertising options. What are some of the most popular, and how can each help visually and verbally express the key consumer benefit?
7. How are quick response (QR) codes employed in mobile advertising?

8. How does mobile media marketing help an IMC campaign be more consumer focused?

9. There are four categories of app users. Define each.

10. The marriage of mobile and social is known as SoLoMo. Define what it is and how it is used.

11. How does mobile employ location-based capabilities?

12. Location-based capabilities bring what additional advertising opportunities to the promotional mix?

13. What do brands want to accomplish with mobile media?

14. To be effective and relevant to the target, mobile must do what?

15. What are the pros and cons of using mobile media marketing?

16. What is the strategy behind using mobile media marketing in an IMC campaign?

17. What is cause marketing, and why is it important to have it be a part of an IMC campaign?

18. What is important when writing and designing for mobile?

19. What are the major differences between designing for mobile and tablets?