1. What are the strategic uses of alternative media in an IMC campaign?

2. Define alternative media.

3. What are some of the ways alternative media can be integrated into traditional media vehicles?

4. Why has alternative media often been referred to as the “creative economy”?

5. How do creative teams versus marketers feel about alternative media use?

6. Why is alternative media good for both large and small brands?

7. What needs to be considered before determining whether to use alternative media as a primary or secondary media source?

8. Alternative media vehicles have more diverse options than any other advertising and promotional category. What does the advertised message need to relay visually and verbally to strategically express the key consumer benefit?

9. What are some of the most successful engagement devices used in alternative media?

10. How can the unique visual and verbal solutions often found in alternative media vehicles help extend the life of the advertised message?

11. How does alternative media marketing help an IMC campaign be more consumer focused?

12. What is media multitasking?

13. Define brand-centric vehicles.

14. Why are more brands incorporating alternative media into their promotional mix?

15. What are the pros and cons of using alternative media?

16. What is the strategy behind using alternative media in an IMC campaign?

17. What does alternative media do best when included in a brand’s promotional mix?

18. What should be considered before including alternative media in an IMC campaign?

19. Creatively, what is important to alternative media use?

20. What determines the choice to use alternative media in an IMC campaign?

21. Define guerrilla marketing.

22. What is one of guerrilla marketing’s biggest strengths?

23. What makes guerrilla marketing an active versus passive form of advertising?

24. What do brands want to accomplish with guerrilla marketing?

25. If guerrilla marketing is not used to immediately encourage a sale or passively tell a story, what is it used for?

26. What are some of the more commonly used forms of guerrilla marketing?

27. To be a successful member of an IMC campaign, guerrilla marketing must accomplish four specific things. What are they? Define and explain each.

28. Define experiential marketing and its use.

29. How can guerrilla marketing ensure return on investment?

30. Define and explain the differences between presence, grassroots, and influence marketing.