1. How is an IMC campaign different from a traditional campaign?

2. What role does the media plan play in campaign development?

3. How is the key consumer benefit employed in an IMC campaign?

4. What needs to be considered to ensure an IMC campaign is consistent and cohesive across multiple media?

5. Why would a brand use single-view ads?

6. What is the promotional mix, and why is it important to have a synergistic mix in an IMC campaign?

7. Why are synergistic visual and verbal elements important to IMC?

8. There are four types of campaigns discussed in the text. What are the characteristics of each type, and when should each be used?

9. For a campaign to be successful, why is it important to have both visual and verbal uniformity?

10. What is the difference between a spokesperson and a character representative? Define the different options. When should each be used if at all?