1. When is the best time to use newspaper?

2. What are the differences/similarities between mass media and niche or alternative media?

3. What is retail advertising and how is it used in an IMC campaign?

4. What other media could also be defined as retail advertising?

5. Why is displaying prices so important in newspaper advertising?

6. To make a sale, newspaper advertising must instill a sense of urgency. In what ways can this be accomplished?

7. How are coupons used to bridge the gap between newspaper and sales promotion? What are the strengths of their use?

8. How does newspaper advertising help IMC be more consumer focused?

9. There are numerous pros and cons to using newspaper advertising. Define and explain each.

10. Explain the strategy behind using newspaper in an IMC campaign.

11. What is cooperative advertising? How can it help move or highlight a brand?

12. How can newspaper be made more interactive and engaging?

13. Why is it important to evaluate the results of an IMC campaign?