1. Define the five material elements of crime.

2. What is the human conduct rule and why is it an important principle to prove in determining criminal liability?

3. Explain how mens rea or the state of mind influences the seriousness of the crime.

4. Explain the differences between key types of criminal homicide: murder, manslaughter, felony murder, and vehicular homicide. How is the “intent” different in each form of criminal homicide?

5. Explain the element of concurrence. Why is it an important principle for establishing criminal liability?

6. What is the principle of causation? Explain the “but for” standard of causation.

7. What is an affirmative defense? How does affirmative defense differ from traditional defense strategies?

8. What is a defense of justification? What is a defense of excuse? How are these two defenses different from one another? Give examples of each type of defense.

9. Name the five elements required to prove self-defense.

10. What is the “reasonable person standard”? How does this raise the possibility of bias in the criminal justice decision-making?