1. Describe the “dilemma” of policing in our society? Why is this a dilemma for societies that value the individuals “right to be let alone”?

2. Define the concept of authority. How is it different from power? Explain the difference between the exercise of authority and the use of power by police within society?

3. Describe the structure of U.S. law enforcement. Where are most police personnel employed?

4. What is the rule which guides police use of coercive force?

5. Explain the roles and responsibilities of private security and compare these with the roles and responsibilities of public security.

6. What is the proof needed to stop and frisk? What is the proof required for an arrest?

7. Describe those circumstances when a warrantless search is legally permissible.

8. What is the exclusionary rule and what is its intended purpose within our legal system?

9. Describe the ruling which established the Miranda rules. Explain the purpose of the ruling and why Miranda is an important protection for the privilege against self-incrimination.

10. Outline the arguments for and against racial profiling. Is racial profiling a legitimate law enforcement tool in your view? Why or why not?