1. Think of the deviant wedding ceremonies discussed in this chapter and identify at least two of the examples that seemed the oddest to you. Explain your answer. Have you ever considered marrying anything other than a living human being?

2. Was the Maroon 5 video recording of their hit song “Sugar” deviant? Explain your answer. Would you like Maroon 5 to crash your party? If you could have any musical artist crash your party, wedding or otherwise, who would you choose?

3. Cheating in any class is considered unethical, but it seems worse when it occurs in a class on ethics. What do you think?

4. Is the “right-to-die” movement moral or immoral? Is it ethical or unethical?

5. Is it morally reprehensible for people to desire cannibalism? Is it morally wrong to desire to be a victim of cannibalism?

6. Are people who dress up and act like superheroes deviant?

7. Using the five variations of defining deviance provided in this chapter (normative, statistical, absolutist, relativist, and reactivist), describe whether or not the following behavior is deviant or not: A motorist enters an interstate with a posted 55-miles-per-hour speed limit. The flow of the traffic is speeding along at an average speed of 65 miles per hour, so this motorist also drives 65 miles per hour.