1. What do you think of the “yes means yes” policy? Is it better than the “no means no” policy?

2. How would you explain the meaning of sexual social deviance to a friend or family member who has not taken a sociology course on deviant behavior? Which of the five perspectives of deviance would you emphasize over the others?

3. Is cheating on a significant other a form of sexual deviance? Explain.

4. What do you think of the University of California’s admissions policy of allowing students to choose between six different categories for gender identity? With which category do you identify?

5. Explain the relationship between sexual objectification and sexual harassment. Are women the only victims of sexual harassment, or the most likely to be victimized?

6. Do you believe all images and expressions of individuality should be protected by the First Amendment, or are there some things that are simply obscene? If there are things you deem obscene, what are they?

7. What can be done to stop human trafficking, especially trafficking of children into a life of prostitution?