1. What is meant by the term “the grid?” What does it mean to say “the grid is down?” How would you survive an extended period of time in a world without a power grid?

2. Explain how the topic of deviancy is relevant to the study of the physical environment.

3. Describe the first five mass extinctions. Explain why, or why not, we are currently in the era of the sixth mass extinction.

4. Why are humans so dependent upon fossil fuels? Is this the most efficient form of attaining power?

5. Describe what is meant by climate change. Is climate change a reality? Explain your answer. Why do some people refuse to accept all the evidence that supports the notion that our planet is experiencing a significant climate change?

6. Do the positive aspects of plastic products outweigh the negative? Why or why not?

7. Should the environment have rights? Explain your answer.