1. Why did Edwin Sutherland create the concept of “white collar crime?" How did he define white collar crime? How do we define it today?

2. What is corporate fraud? Why does the FBI consider this among the most serious of all crimes?

3. Explain how identity fraud and identity theft occur. What are you doing that puts you at risk of being a victim of identity fraud or theft? What are you doing to decrease the odds of being victimized by identity fraud or theft?

4. Explain what is meant by unsafe products. Why are unsafe products so costly to American society?

5. Define the terms “politics” and “government.” Why would the government dupe its own citizens?

6. Explain the terms “bribery,” “undue influence,” and “peddling influence.”

7. At present, the United States utilizes many of the same forms of torture as during the Middle Ages and post–Middle Ages. Explain how this is possible in a “civil” society. Why do other nations utilize torture? Should the U.S. government participate in the torture of political prisoners? Why or why not?