1. Define the term “drug.” Why do people take drugs? Explain what is meant by drug abuse and (if relevant) share stories of a drug abuser who has affected your life.

2. Is caffeine use safe? Can caffeine be abused? Explain your answer.

3. Should tobacco use be legal? How does society justify the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives each year due to the consumption of the drug nicotine?

4. Saving marijuana for a later discussion, do you believe other recreational drugs (e.g., cocaine, heroin, LSD) should be legalized? If yes, which ones and why? If no, why not?

5. Do you believe marijuana should be legalized throughout the United States? Why or why not? Should people be allowed to use cannabis products for medical purposes? Explain your answer.

6. Are collegiate and professional athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs deviant? Are they violating codes of fair play, ethics, and/or morality? Explain your answer.

7. Explain the role of Big Pharma with the pharmaceutical drug industry. In general, do you think Big Pharma has the best interest of patients in mind? Explain.