1. People of a certain age remember a time without cybertechnology. Would it be a tough transition for you if suddenly cybertechnology of all forms ceased to exist? Explain.

2. Decades ago there were those who sounded the alarm that cybertechnology could lead to a great deal of cyberdeviancy and crime, and yet those warnings were mostly ignored. Why do you think that is the case?

3. Explain the social phenomenon of “catfishing.” Why do you think it occurs? Have you or anyone you know been a part of catfishing, either as victim or perpetrator?

4. Describe the serious nature of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, swatting, and cyberporn. What would you do if you were a victim of cyberstalking?

5. Explain the risks involved every time you have your credit or debit card swiped. Why do you suppose people have abandoned the relative safety of a cash society for the relatively unsafe cyber-purchasing society?

6. What is your reaction to the realization that the federal government is so vulnerable to cyberattack?

7. If hackers reach the point where they can take control of the cyberworld, what would some of the possible consequences be?