Welcome to the Companion Website for American Foreign Policy, Eleventh Edition by Glenn P. Hastedt. 

Offering a clear and succinct introduction to the field, American Foreign Policy prepares students to think about America’s changing role in the world and to develop the critical thinking skills they need to participate in the debate about the content of American foreign policy. The eleventh edition reflects the latest headlines, including more extensive discussions of hybrid warfare, cyber wars, drones, and more.


For Students

This open-access Companion Website is designed to reinforce the concepts covered in American Foreign Policy, Eleventh Edition. You can review and enhance your understanding of each chapter using the interactive Flashcards and self-graded Quizzes. 


For Professors

A test bank of multiple choice, true/false, and essay questions accompanies this text along with Respondus customizable testing software. Instructor ancillaries are password-protected. For access to the teaching materials, please visit American Foreign Policy and Sign in if you are a registered user. First-time users should Register then email us at textbooks@rowman.com.



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