1. The website http://tuaregcultureandnews.blogspot.com/ contains a wide range of information and sources about the Tuareg people, Berber language speakers who trace their identity to indigenous peoples of the continent of Africa. They currently live as a diaspora population in Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya, and many surrounding countries. The Tuareg consider their homeland today to be in the Central Sahara. They have faced discrimination and violence in Niger and in other countries where they reside. Look over the multiple links of the website and see if you can determine what the causes of violence against the Tuareg are in Niger and other parts of Africa. What are some of the actions Tuareg people are taking to obtain their rights? What are some of the causes expressed on this website for the violence and discrimination against the Tuareg people?

2. The website http://www.cwis.org contains an archive of the current and past issues of Fourth World Journal (to be found under "Publications"), which contains the work of activists and scholars from communities that self-identify as Fourth World peoples. Explore the content of one issue from 2016 and the content from an early edition of this journal. What are the contemporary issues faced by Fourth World peoples? What issues were present in the articles from the inception of this journal? Do they continue to be faced by Fourth World peoples? 

3. An introduction with links to many different articles on the Indian diaspora can be found at http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/southasia/Diaspora/diaspora.html. Read the introduction and consider the following questions:

·      What are the many causes behind the South Asian diaspora (colonization, labor, etc.)?

·      Are contemporary South Asians in diaspora also transnational? Why or why not?

Follow the link to the article “Reflections on the Indian Diaspora in the Caribbean and Elsewhere,” by Vinay Lal. Read the essay and consider the following questions:

·      What are the differences between being an Indian in India and being an Indian abroad?

·      How does being in diaspora affect Indian identity?

·      How is a community in diaspora constructed?