1. Explore the website Ethnologue: Languages of the World, at www.Ethnologue.com. Click the “Country Index” section and consider the following questions: 

·      In North America, how many speakers are there of: Western Apache? Choctaw? Haida? Inuktitut-Northwest Alaskan Inupiat? Koyukon? Mohegan-Montauk-Narragansett? Omaha? Ponca? Powhatan? Snohomish? Tuscarora? Wampanoag? Wintu? Zuni?

·      What does this suggest to you about linguistic diversity and linguistic imperialism in American history?

·      By analyzing the list of languages spoken in the United States, what can you conclude about important social and historical forces impacting language use today in the United States?

2. Read the page “Primate Use of Language,” created by Lauren Kosseff at faculty.ksu.edu.sa/drmsabha/The%20Study%20of%20Language/week4.pdf. Study the communications abilities of Kanzi, Washoe, Loulis and Nim, and Koko. What are some of the characteristics of primate language? Is primate language the same as human language? Based on these reports, do you think language is uniquely human?