1. A website titled Gender Games, developed by Candy Tymson, discusses the different communicative styles of males and females in the business world. The general website address is http://www.tymson.com.au/. Go to that site, then follow the link to “Articles and Stories” and then to the article “Bridging the Gender Gap.” After reading the article, document the different communicative styles (information style versus relationship style) of men and women. Observe conversations between men only and between women only and then between men and women to see if you can document these differences. 

2. The website Feminist Anthropology: Anthropological Theories, developed by James Boschma and Marsha Franks at the University of Alabama, discusses the history of androcentric anthropology and contemporary feminist anthropology. The site can be found at http://www.as.ua.edu/ant/Faculty/murphy/feminism.htm. Answer the following questions based on the material on this website:

·      Who are the major theorists associated with feminist anthropology? 

·      What are the major accomplishments of this perspective?

·      What are the major critiques of this perspective?

·      In your opinion, how can the anthropological study of gender be strengthened in the future? What issues not included currently do you think should be?