Geography Now! – China

Geography Now! provides a comprehensive look at Chinese geography ranging from physical geography to political geography. The video offers rapid-fire facts in a light hearted format but remains very thorough.


Physical Geography

BBC’s Wild China – Tibet

A brief introduction to the Tibetan autonomous region including the region’s rugged terrain and unique place in Chinese culture.

BBC’s Wild China – Shangri La

Shangri La as an exact location has long been shrouded in mystery. In this episode of the BBC’s Wild China, the environment surrounding the region most commonly associated with Shangri La is viewed in depth.

BBC’s Wild China – Beyond the Great Wall:

The forth episode off the Wild China series focuses on the harsh landscapes of Northern China. This episode reveals the culture and environment for some of the nomadic herders of Inner Mongolia and the Manzhougua (Manchuria) region.

BBC’s Wild China – Land of the Panda

A brief examination of China’s most famous animal, the panda, the fifth episode in the BBC’s series looks at the human-environmental interactions surrounding panda habitats.


Urbanism and Infrastructure

China’s Future Megaprojects

This video provides a brief look at some of China’s largest infrastructure projects including energy, transportation and land reclamation.



China’s Growing Appetite for Pork (Pt. 1)

China’s Growing Appetite for Pork (Pt. 2)

With the world’s largest population and a continued rise of the Chinese middle class, food demand and food safety has become an important part of the CPC’s policy. Here are a group of videos focusing on China’s pork industry.


Environment and Sustainability

Under the Dome

Under the Dome has received international recognition for its thorough research into China’s pollution problem.

BBC’s Wild China – Tides of Change

The final episode of the series reveals the efforts from both the grassroots level and well as from the CPC to sustain China’s natural resources.



China and the global economy

Some of the world’s top economists, including Ben Bernanke discuss the Chinese economy and it’s performance in the global economy via the Brookings Institute.