Welcome to the Companion Website for Religion and Politics in the United States, Eighth Edition, by Kenneth D. Wald and Allison Calhoun-Brown.

Religion and Politics in the United States has been fully updated with material from current scholarship to cover recent American politics and elections. Using an evidenced-based, social-scientific approach to religion this text shows how religion plays a fascinating and crucial part in our nation's political process and in our culture at large.

This accessible textbook covers the historical evolution of the core institutions charged with the socialization, guidance, and regulation of children and youth in the modern era, including the family, schools, communities, child welfare, and the juvenile justice system. Adopting a life course perspective, the book examines the changing legal, social, and political landscape of childhood and adolescence in America. The authors take an intersectional focus, examining the dynamics of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, power, and privilege. The book discusses the juvenile justice system, including police, courts, corrections, and recent community innovations, in relation to the latest research on positive youth development and best practices.


For Students

This open-access Companion Website is designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the text. Students can review and enhance their understanding of each chapter using the self-graded quizzes.



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