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Details estimation of the total and effective population sizes of bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay using photo-identification and genetic data.

This is the web site of the United Nations Fund for Population Activity, an important source of world-level estimates and projections.

This site is maintained by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University.

This is an addendum to Research Note N06-1: Hispanic Household Projections.

Government accused of inflating figures to justify more imported labor, as Hong Kong Post study finds its projections out by up to 40 percent.

The Economic Analysis Branch initiated this project in 2000 to assist local and regional agencies in their planning and travel forecasting efforts.

The Texas Census Research Data Center operates in close collaboration with the U.S. Census Bureau to enable research that expands basic scientific knowledge and provides benefits to the federal statistical system. provides online access to several series of projections, many of which are age-, sex-, and race-specific.

CBER is the lead agency of the Census Bureau's State Data Center program and a member of the Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates and Projections. From these Census Bureau programs, the Center receives federally produced population estimates and projections data and publications. These include annual estimates of total population for Alabama counties, cities, and towns. Detailed age/race/sex estimates for states and counties are also available upon request. Through our liaisons with the Census Bureau, the Center receives federal statistical data about Alabama and posts the most commonly requested information here.

The nonprofit Jerome Levy Economics Institute provides economic forecasts at this site.